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7/24/2013 4:02 pm  #1

Metropolis Christmas Carol

Not sure if I should post here but I have a question about callbacks for kdis. Has anyone heard anything on this for kids?


8/03/2013 9:16 am  #2

Re: Metropolis Christmas Carol

we have not heard anything for the kids. wondering if they called for callbacks yet. last year callbacks were this week....


8/03/2013 2:20 pm  #3

Re: Metropolis Christmas Carol

I don't think ADULT callbacks have gone out yet, so the kids ones will probably be after that...could be wrong though!


8/03/2013 8:46 pm  #4

Re: Metropolis Christmas Carol

well last year they had adutls and kids together so we are hopeful they are just delayed. If anyone hears anything let us know!!!!! And of course we will do the same. Thankful for these boards!


8/05/2013 8:44 am  #5

Re: Metropolis Christmas Carol

It says on their site the callbacks are next week around the 14th of August. If anyone hears anything I am sure we will share here

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8/09/2013 9:36 pm  #6

Re: Metropolis Christmas Carol

have they made all the call by now? just curious because my son asked. if anyone knows anything. thanks


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